Pokot children needs water

For the first time in history, 135 children from the poor in Pokot graduated after one year of school. They attend the schools that Levende Vann Misjonssenter operate, live in the desert in East- and West Pokot and they have a desperate need of water

Do you have possibility to help them with this?

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Opening of new church in Lomut November 2017


Report from work in Kenya October 2016


Work among the Pokot people extend rapidly. Pastor Moses have planted 8 churches so far and he hope there will be 20 next time we arrive. On this trip in October there there was about 140 ready for baptism. As many as was possible top transport into Lomut was baptized. About 70 people all together.

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  1. Kenya og Pokot. Februar 2018   Date not set
  2. Kaliningrad 22.juni - 1. juli 2018 

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